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Thanks to all!

November 8, 2010

Thanks to everyone who supported Looking Outward!

We raised over a thousand dollars for The Good Shepherd and The Domestic Violence Shelter & Services.  We had a lot of fun and gave away three custom designer skirts!  Not tree skirts…, but skirts to wear!  Big Sky Couture was a hit and we all had a great time.   Our silent auction items were a success too, a special thanks goes out to Olivers, Beanie & Cecil, The Sterling House, Wilmington Wine, Ki Spa, Beyond the Basics, Sea Dawgs, Crabby Chic and to our fabulous floral designer!!

We had six lines of fabrics and leathers represented at our showcase.  Our representatives were all so helpful, thank you everyone.

We appreciated our clients, friends and collaborators who were so generous in their support.

Happy holidays!

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