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2010 Brunswick County Parade of Homes Project – Award Winner!

December 2, 2010

Snapshot 2010-12-01 15-46-14We recently finished a new home that was part of the Brunswick County Parade of Homes.  The house was designed for a couple moving to North Carolina from Maryland who wanted something contemporary and warm.  Big Sky Design worked on the project with our clients and  Blue Sky Building Company (Big Sky-Blue Sky…not too confusing!   – a terrific partnership) for 10 months.  It was a great project for all involved and the house had the added honor of winning best in it’s category and best in Interior Design.  It was a team effort and we are all really proud.  Photos courtesy of Campbell Photography and Blue Sky Building Company.

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Thanks to all!

November 8, 2010

Thanks to everyone who supported Looking Outward!

We raised over a thousand dollars for The Good Shepherd and The Domestic Violence Shelter & Services.  We had a lot of fun and gave away three custom designer skirts!  Not tree skirts…, but skirts to wear!  Big Sky Couture was a hit and we all had a great time.   Our silent auction items were a success too, a special thanks goes out to Olivers, Beanie & Cecil, The Sterling House, Wilmington Wine, Ki Spa, Beyond the Basics, Sea Dawgs, Crabby Chic and to our fabulous floral designer!!

We had six lines of fabrics and leathers represented at our showcase.  Our representatives were all so helpful, thank you everyone.

We appreciated our clients, friends and collaborators who were so generous in their support.

Happy holidays!

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Looking Outward! This could be you….

October 15, 2010

We hope by now you have received some raffle tickets for our great event this November,

Looking Outward!

All proceeds to benefit The Good Sherpherd Center and the Domestic Violence Shelter and Service.

Win a custom holiday skirt in the designer fabric of your choice!  See our earlier blog too…

This could be you!

resl03_schumacherBig Sky Couture!

Please join us Nov 4th 6-8 pm.  Give us a call for tickets, 793-3992!

Looking Outward

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Looking Outward!

September 23, 2010

We are so happy to share a special event with you!  This holiday season we are Looking Outward to our community and creating a unique, fun way to benefit two local non-profit organizations in Wilmington.  One of the favorite resources we have to share are our beautiful fabric lines that we offer for residential and commercial jobs.  Our clients often remark that they too have a passion for textiles, as they are often so unique and beautiful.  Years ago when Big Sky celebrated 1o years in business, the Big Sky team each had a skirt made in a fabric of their choice to celebrate.  This year it is your turn!Looking Outward

We are selling raffle tickets so that three lucky winners can have a “Big Sky Couture” custom holiday skirt made in the designer fabric of their choice!  It is a great way to look forward to the holidays and give to our community.  So buy raffle tickets and help us raise money for the Good Shepherd Center and for Domestic Violence Shelter and Services.  Celebrate the raffle drawing and come November 4th to our office for a special showcase of exquisite fabrics, silent auction and raffle drawing.  Happy Holidays!

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LEED Pier Project

September 13, 2010

Banquet Hall Left Side

Last week I went up to Nags Head NC to see one of our projects under construction.  This is a pier house built out over the ocean at Jeanette’s Pier.  We are working on the job through BMH Architects for the NC Aquariums.  It is being built by Clancy & Theys who is doing a fantastic job.

Check out this link

I have to say…it is amazing!  Here is a picture of the banquet hall.  This is just half of the space – it is quite grand! – looking away from the ocean.  Imagine…being in this room when complete… looking out over the ocean!  This facility houses a pier store, exhibit and education facilities and a large banquet hall.  It is a LEED project that includes wind turbine, geothermal and water reuse technologies as well as environmentally friendly interior finishes.


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Welcome Home Angel Project

August 16, 2010

We had the opportunity to work with Welcome Home Angel recently and want everyone to know about this organization and project.  We would also like to thank everyone who supported and contributed to this project and Welcome Home Angel, helping to give Gage a renovated handicapped bedroom and bathroom!

Thank you to our special friends who made monetary contributions and also our professional friends who gave time and product; Archer Read Woodworking, American Olean, Butlers Electric, Computer Medics, Fast Signs, Fergusons, Sapona Green Building Center, Shaw Carpet, Matkins Glass and Walmart.  Thank you all for supporting with project!

We would also like to give special thanks to Frank Lewis with Commercial Upfit Specialists and his team for completing these renovations.

Gage wanted a Harley Davidson theme to his room and we had a great time putting it together for him.  The local Harley club even gave Gage a special ride in a side car!  Complete with new electronics, Gage’s new room met his needs and will be lots of fun for years to come.  We also got to turn his little brother’s room into a Carolina Panthers haven!

New Bathroom


New Bedroom


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Spring will spring…one of these days!

March 24, 2010

Here is a great addition to your spring and summer fun!  Solar powered party lights!  New from Ikea this season… Solig.

solar2Each fixture is 12″ in diameter and  has one rechargeable AA 1.2V battery for the solar cell driven power, no electrical hookups required.  The lamp is LED with a  life time approx. 20,000 hours.  When the battery is fully charged, the product will shine for approx. 9 hours.  Recharging time is 8 hours in direct sunlight.

Go to the Ikea website and check it out!  These are perfect for Wilmington!

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Inspired by Fashion – Part 1

March 1, 2010

A few months ago there was an interesting article in Architectural Digest.  It was entitled, “Fashionably Inspired.  At F. Schumacher, A Tradition of Combining Couture and Interior Design” written by Jeffrey Simpson.  In it he wrote:

” In 1889 Frederic Schumacher came to New York with a French textile company called Passavant & Co. Once there, Schumacher decided that he liked the United States, with its new mansions crying out for decoration; that same year he bought the Passavant inventory and opened F. Schumacher & Co. at 22nd Street and Broadway on Manhattan’s Ladies’ Mile. In relatively short order it became one of the city’s leading textile suppliers.

It was Frederic Schumacher’s nephew and heir, Pierre Pozier, who most likely brought the first fashion luminary into the F. Schumacher fold.

Just before 1930, Pozier, who, throughout his career, worked half the year in Paris and who had commissioned as well as designed fabrics in the Art Moderne style, asked Poiret to create the first designer collection for the firm.

Using his signature bold colors, Poiret came up with simple Modernist images for his fabrics. He used shapes to project color in the way that his contemporaries, the Cubist painters, did. As Poiret once said, “There is only one place where you can put a splash of color. Here or there is not good enough; it has to be precisely placed.” (In the early 1970s F. Schumacher reissued Poiret’s designs, using the colors of the day—pinks and lime greens—but it is his original designs, with their juxtapositions of strong, simple colors—oranges and mauves—that survive in the archives.) …

…One indissoluble tie between fashion and interior design is that they both require taste to be appreciated. Architecture, which Johann Wolfgang von Goethe called “frozen music,” is of course the envelope for interior design and the necessary setting of the streetscapes and landscapes in which we all live. It is always thought that a totally integrated environment includes architecture and interior design, working in harmony. Thanks to F. Schumacher’s imaginative efforts over the years, we know that the third component of that integrated environment is the design sense that comes with fashion.”


Paul Poiret was a French designer, 1876 – 1944.  He was a principal figure in the Art Deco movement, known to have “liberated women from their corseted past”.  He loved “bold fantasy and brilliant color… and the simplicity of repeated imagery”.  He later founded an art school where “…young women were encouraged to design in total creative freedom.  Poiret’s students took trips to the botanical gardens, the aquarium, and the countryside, where they made sketches of plant and animal life to use in their designs.  From these, textiles were produced for fashion, upholstery, curtains, wallpaper, carpets and all types of home furnishings.”


To read the complete article, here is the link:

For further information on Poiret:

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Fortune Cookie Fact

February 11, 2010


What more needs to be said?  

I ate Chinese food recently with my kids and this was my fortune.  

We could not have said it better at Big Sky!

…though we have lots of great projects to share with you that reinforce that idea.

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Bright Spots

January 19, 2010

In the midst of our dreary winter and drearier news, manufacturers are adding some colorful designs and fun lines to the fabrics, wallcovering and furniture industry.  Below are a few examples of what we have seen since the beginning of the year. These should help cheer things up a bit.

Maharam has introduced a new line of large scale digitally printed wall installations.  They’ve collaborated with up-and-coming artists as well as established artists to bring us their “Maharam Digital Project.”   Also, from Maharam, are some fantastic new contract fabrics that absolutely pop with color. These new fabrics are “modern interpretations” of folkloric motifs updated with strong color combinations.

Lightening up the commercial furnishings industry is Arcadia with their new “Islands Modular” furniture. Minimal in design and light in scale these pieces mix and match to form endless seating opportunities for public areas, lobbies, and waiting rooms. Just imagine these pieces upholstered in a bright leather or one of the new Maharam fabrics…the possibilities are endless.

Maharam Digital Projects

Maharam Digital Projects

Maharam Fabrics

Maharam Fabrics


Arcadia Islands Modular

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