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What a concept- a paper chair!!

September 28, 2009

Pulp Chair 1














     It looks like an egg carton, is affordable and is made from nontoxic materials for small bodies- the perfect chair for a child. This is a fun design and makes a lot of sense for little ones. Once the chair is outgrown or used to it’s fullest, whichever comes first, it can be recycled. It’s made with a paper pulp and cornstarch mixture and has the same strength as plastic but is biodegradable.

     The idea came when Swedish graduate student and architecture firm partnered. The idea was to come up with an affordable chair made from paper pulp. After a bit of research the concept turned into a children’s chair due to the strength issues of the Durapulp material it’s made out of. The first prototype of the chair was shown this spring in Milan with a favorable reception. Good news is the chair will be in the market of $50 each once they are produced.

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