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Projects Are Like Salad

May 18, 2015

“I often compare these projects to salads, we’re tossing together a mix of ingredients that don’t need to be totally reconciled, and the shingles are like the dressing that brings all these things together- they contextualize everything else as part of one style, one tradition.” –Barkley, Co-Author of The New Shingled House

Photo by Architectural Digest

This beautiful 19th century shingle style inspired mansion is located in South Hampton, New York. The mastermind behind this home was Architect, Joel Barkley. He wanted to design a home that would be the perfect summer beach retreat for his clients, a Manhattan couple with four children. In the home “there is a theme of shipshape woodwork throughout, whether in the mitered angles that recall a boat’s tapered prow or the prevalent bald-cypress shiplap paneling.” One of the main directives Joel was given by the couple was that they wanted everything to be very open and airy. Below is a photo that demonstrates the open and airy concept as the image of the kitchen opens up to the terrace and pool.

Photo by Architectural Digest

Photo by Architectural Digest

The designer, Lauren Muse of Muse Interiors, magnified the architectural elements through her careful placement of “personality and pale colors.” The Manhattan couple and children spend as much time together as possible in the summer in this wonderful oasis.

Photo by Architectural Digest

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