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Cape Fear National Clubhouse

December 2, 2009

We are pleased to show off the completion of our most recent project, the Cape Fear National Clubhouse at Brunswick Forest.  The completion and final installation always feels bittersweet, especially when we have worked so long an hard on a project. Over two years in design and development, selecting finishes, furnishings, lighting, artwork and accessories, refining ideas, ordering, tweaking, dreaming and dwelling on decisions and details finally come to an end. It’s a great thing, but at the same time it is no longer your “baby” and feel a little bit of a sense of “now what?”  Well, “now” it is a beautiful, fully functioning clubhouse overlooking a spectacular golf course and we wish our clients the greatest success in their new space.  And “now” Big Sky gets to look back on a great project and be thankful for the opportunity to do what we love.

Enjoy the brief images from construction to completion and if you’re in the area please check out the newest addition to Brunswick Forest.

CFNC images

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