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February 10, 2016

With spring just around the corner, be sure to add some punch to your pad. Bright and bold shades are all the rage to add life to spaces both big and small. Whether it’s a subtle hint using accessories and lighting or an entire sofa, be on the lookout for high-powered hues. I’ve pulled pieces from some of our favorite manufactures including, Kravet, Surya, Currey & Co, Lexington and Uttermost to show what you can use to create your own unique Spring look that’s sure to draw attention.

Throw pillows are a quick and easy way to spice up your space that allow for change throughout the year. Below are some great solid or patterned options from Curated Kravet and Surya.


Available in several other prominent colors, this upbeat table lamp from Currey & Company is a perfect way to brighten up any room in more ways than one!


A definite go-to for accessories, Uttermost doesn’t disappoint with this three tone geometric art piece is sure to be the focal point of any space.

A great install shot from Lexington for inspiration. In addition to bold color statements, notice the mixture of pattern and textures used throughout to give the room a multidimensional feel. Adding various wood tones helps downplay the bright and vivid hues to provide a sense of balance throughout. lexington

This cozy gold chair is the perfect accent piece for this room’s neutral backdrop displaying how well powerful and more demure colors can coordinate. chair

Saving my personal favorite for last, this electrifying area rug from Surya is the definition of daring. Available in various sizes, this piece is sure to tie your room together and have everyone gawking in a good way! rug

However you decide to update your space, make sure to have fun taking advantage of these hot new trends. Even if it’s just one new statement piece, it can still breath new life into an existing space and freshen your spirit. One thing’s for sure this spring season. These bold colors will be popping up everywhere just like the flowers. Hue knew?

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May 8, 2015

High Point Market is one of the most anticipated events of the year in the design community. HPMKT happens twice a year once in the fall and then again in the spring. Market offers designers a chance to look at a variety of furnishings; it is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world with over 75,000 people attending the event. After this year’s spring market, HPMKT announced a list of new and trending designs. Here is a list of what was announced:
#1- Petrified Wood

Fusto Coffee Table from All Modern

#2- Linen

Jonathan Alder Malibu Sofa from Wayfair

#3- Earthy Opulence

Caroline Coffee Table from All Modern

#4- Deep Velvet

Knoll Bertoia Diamond Chairfrom All Modern

#5- Nail Head Trim and Tufting

Cooper Sofa from All Modern

All of these different trends can be found from our to-the-trade resources. If any of these new trends catch your eye, then be sure to check out our online shop at or contact us for assistance! Here are a few photos of what our designers found in these trending categories at HPMKT:

Nail Head Trim and Tufting

Petrified Wood

Earthy Opulence

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Spring’s New Trends

March 16, 2015

Spring is quickly approaching and some of the Spring 2015 color trends are already making an appearance! There are going to be a warming of colors springing into play in just a few short weeks.

Van Day Truex wrote,

“Color is not just color, but mood, temperature and structure”

After reviewing many different announcements from a variety of organizations, we have decided to incorporate a variety of the top colors to make our own spring color trend list.

Big Sky Designs Spring 2015 Color Trends List

Coral Reef(SW6606)
Color & Photo by Sherwin-Williams

Shades of coral will help to make a room pop this Spring – whether
it is an accent wall or just an accessory touch.

Guilford Green(HC-116)
Color & Photo by Benjamin Moore

Spruce things up (no pun intended) with
adding a shade of green into your home!

Marsala(18-1438) by Pantone

Shades of Marsala are on everyone’s color must list this year after all;
it is Pantone’s color of the year! Don’t forget this color the next time
you are out shopping for accessories.

Blue & Green by Hunter Douglas

Calming shades of blues, grays, & greens bring out
the serenity in homes this season.

"Noir" Photo by All Modern

The “Noir” trend is making an appearance as many manufacturers are
introducing new “Noir” collections into their furniture and accessory lines.

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Bright Spots

January 19, 2010

In the midst of our dreary winter and drearier news, manufacturers are adding some colorful designs and fun lines to the fabrics, wallcovering and furniture industry.  Below are a few examples of what we have seen since the beginning of the year. These should help cheer things up a bit.

Maharam has introduced a new line of large scale digitally printed wall installations.  They’ve collaborated with up-and-coming artists as well as established artists to bring us their “Maharam Digital Project.”   Also, from Maharam, are some fantastic new contract fabrics that absolutely pop with color. These new fabrics are “modern interpretations” of folkloric motifs updated with strong color combinations.

Lightening up the commercial furnishings industry is Arcadia with their new “Islands Modular” furniture. Minimal in design and light in scale these pieces mix and match to form endless seating opportunities for public areas, lobbies, and waiting rooms. Just imagine these pieces upholstered in a bright leather or one of the new Maharam fabrics…the possibilities are endless.

Maharam Digital Projects

Maharam Digital Projects

Maharam Fabrics

Maharam Fabrics


Arcadia Islands Modular

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Color of the Year!

January 7, 2010

Here it is the moment we have all been waiting for….the color of the year for 2010 has been determined!  The winner is Turquoise.119705-pantone_lg

(according to – Kitchen & Bath Designs) 


This is also supported by fashion writer Samantha Critchell, see the article below from Yahoo’s headliner today.

NEW YORK – If color is any guide, we’ll be moving into vacation mode in 2010 with the world awash in tropical turquoise, forecasters say.

Turquoise was selected as the color of 2010 by Pantone, a company that supplies and tracks color for fashion and home decor, among other industries. Fashion insiders agreed the color is on the rise.

“Turquoise is universally appealing. It puts everyone in the same state of mind — on vacation,” says Jane Schoenborn, design director at Lilly Pulitzer. “Turquoise for us is a really big color. A lot of times it’s transporting, whether you’re actually going to a resort destination or not.”

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, says there was no runner-up to turquoise in her mind because people crave escapism and freshness after a tough year. The shade is on the cusp of blue and green, which makes it both inviting and serene — characteristics associated with blues — and invigorating and luminous, which comes from green, she says.

“Transporting” was a word many used for turquoise, a shade that takes designer Tommy Hilfiger to the beach, especially the Caribbean, St. Tropez, France, or Southern California, which served as the inspiration for his newest collection. In jewelry, he thinks of the American Southwest, or Central or South America.

“The women in my life wear it on vacation and it looks great with a suntan at the beach,” Hilfiger says.

Interior designer Charlotte Moss says she turns to turquoise to liven up a look that otherwise seems stilted or conservative — and it pairs nicely with a wide range of colors more typical to home decor: gray, navy, black and white. “We’re looking for things that are that are flexible and more universal, and that is turquoise,” she says.

Pantone’s color for 2009 was mimosa yellow, intended to carry a hopeful, optimistic message. Eiseman says the public is shifting gears as the economy shows some improvement: They are ready to fantasize a bit about the beach resort.


I have to say I agree.  After going to Bermuda recently after Christmas I am still having flashbacks of the turquoise water color.  Here are some pictures of the water…wow!   Why not design into your home or office colors that you love and that make you feel great.  Now you have the official reason to do just that.   Tropical… beautiful… turquoise.  Oh the beach.




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Green wall – aesthetic & healthy!

November 19, 2009

Green walls are becoming increasingly popular in interior spaces.  Not only will you reap the benefits of cleaner air, you will enjoy a living, breathing piece of art.  Going “green” inside boosts oxygen levels and reduces the occurrence of headaches and dry skin.  Greenworks, a design team from Stockholm designed the mobile Plantwall concept featured below.  This particular model was designed with a self-automated watering and nutrition system, which reduces maintenance significantly.  Another great feature of this green wall is its mobility.  The Plantwall can be placed alone or grouped together to create walls and screens.  What a great alternative to potted plants!  It is so refreshing to find a product that is functional and beautiful.  Additionally, the Plantwall could have another dimension of functionality in regards to urban agriculture.  Why not plant herbs and local produce in the felted wall to create a fully edible indoor garden?  Urban agriculture is a growing trend that goes hand in hand with the sustainability movement.  The Plantwall provides an ingenious solution for those urban dwellers without a yard.



It is saddening to learn that the Plantwall is purely conceptual, however, I am confident that this great idea will be developed into a real product soon.  In the meantime, there are some local resources that are familiar with green roofs and walls.  Mott Landscaping, in particular, is one company that stands out.  Steve Mott has installed and educated others about this innovative design solution. 


However you choose to incorporate plants into your interior, make sure you do it!  The health benefits and aesthetic properties are sure make a significant impact on the end user of the space.

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Fall Colors…

September 21, 2009

This week marks the beginning of fall.  Whenever I  see the words “autumnal equinox” it brings to mind the beautiful New England autumns I grew up in and the warm glow of the colors of fall.  The yellows, oranges and reds of the changing leaves are colors that can brought into our homes in wonderful accents. Here are few examples of a vintage Kayseri rug,  velvet accent pillow, fabrics and lighting that can bring that warm glow in or just add a pop of color from Adam & Viktoria, F. Schumacher & Co., and Galbraith & Paul.

blog orangesrev

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