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When Renovation Means Revolution – Sleek & Modern Meets Beachfront

November 9, 2015

While browsing through the Interior Design website I stumbled upon this article that reminded me of one of our own projects. It is all about restoring a home to its former glory after being vacant for some time. Although our project was not as intensive as this one, they still had their similarities.

We recently had the pleasure of renovating an ocean front condo on Wrightsville Beach, NC to fit the clean and cool taste of its stylish new owner. We transformed the originally traditional space into a brighter, younger, and more modern home. With a small collection of furniture from his New York City apartment in tow, our client already had a great foundation for us to build from. The 3 bedroom, 2 bath residence with a large open kitchen, dining and living room had great bones and views already in place. It was then a matter of introducing just the right colors, textures and lighting to complete the look.
master bed Custom Drapery Panels using Kravet Fabric

We opted to refinish the existing hardwood floors since they were still in pretty good shape and they cleaned up just beautifully! A fresh, new coat of paint on all the walls in cooler grays and blues supported the clean, fluid feel throughout the home.

breakfast nook

The kitchen was our perfect opportunity to introduce some new materials. We painted the cabinets a soft gray and added some new upper doors with frosted glass. We also swapped out the cabinet knobs for new sleek, brushed stainless pulls. The new backsplash was just enough to add interest and texture the small space without looking overdone. With the final touches of glass pendant lights above the bar and 3 new barstools, the kitchen looked brand new.



With our client’s super modern style, a bit of a different spin on a beach home, we really still wanted to incorporate the feeling of being at the beach. The guestrooms were completely blank slates for us to work with and implement this idea. We selected new beds, bedding, window treatments and artwork that worked together. We pulled from a variety of our designer resources- Surya, Precedent, and Schoolhouse Electric to name a few to help us achieve our desired look.

guestroom 2


guest room Artwork from Chris Frick Photography

The end result is a polished, sophisticated and a very welcoming place to live- Just look at those ocean views!
living room

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Combination of Historic & Contemporary

August 25, 2015

In a collide of architectural history and contemporary furnishings, the studio of Giraldi Associati Architetti is a piece of art all it’s own. Modern day design fills the walls of this palazzo located in Florence Italy.

The owner of the practice Fulvio Giraldi was faced with the challenge of making the space his own only by adding furniture and not interfering with the original architecture that dates back to the Italian renaissance. He transformed the space to what it is today the only way he could, saying “We played with what we could.” Adding contemporary style accessories and furniture throughout the building created a juxtaposition of old and new, elegant and edgy.



From the moment you enter reception you are greeted with an intricately carved archway and a custom steel lacquered pendant.


Above the custom shared desks, two oil paintings from the 1600’s are set in the plaster ceiling. The original art that spans the entire studio often draws in a crowd, “we are always opening our doors to art historians” says Giraldi.


In another shared office lives an original Murano glass chandelier that illuminates the custom wallpaper added to this room.


Original and added decorative elements are found throughout the entirety of the palazzo. And interesting combination of history and modern accents that make this firm what it is today.

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Projects Are Like Salad

May 18, 2015

“I often compare these projects to salads, we’re tossing together a mix of ingredients that don’t need to be totally reconciled, and the shingles are like the dressing that brings all these things together- they contextualize everything else as part of one style, one tradition.” –Barkley, Co-Author of The New Shingled House

Photo by Architectural Digest

This beautiful 19th century shingle style inspired mansion is located in South Hampton, New York. The mastermind behind this home was Architect, Joel Barkley. He wanted to design a home that would be the perfect summer beach retreat for his clients, a Manhattan couple with four children. In the home “there is a theme of shipshape woodwork throughout, whether in the mitered angles that recall a boat’s tapered prow or the prevalent bald-cypress shiplap paneling.” One of the main directives Joel was given by the couple was that they wanted everything to be very open and airy. Below is a photo that demonstrates the open and airy concept as the image of the kitchen opens up to the terrace and pool.

Photo by Architectural Digest

Photo by Architectural Digest

The designer, Lauren Muse of Muse Interiors, magnified the architectural elements through her careful placement of “personality and pale colors.” The Manhattan couple and children spend as much time together as possible in the summer in this wonderful oasis.

Photo by Architectural Digest

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Inspiring Design

March 30, 2015

Architectural Record Magazine featured a very innovative design for a new restaurant in
Belgium that caught our eye! The restaurant, The Jane is located in a former 19th century
church. A Dutch design team transformed the whole space into an upscale dining facility.

Photo from Architectural Record

This remarkable chandelier celebrates the room’s height and width encompassing the dining
area underneath. It is the perfect centerpiece for the room.

Photo from Architectural Record

As you can see many aspects of the original church were preserved and incorporated into
this restaurant. We only wish the restaurant was here in Wilmington so we would be able to
dine in all of it’s design glory.

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LEED Pier Project

September 13, 2010

Banquet Hall Left Side

Last week I went up to Nags Head NC to see one of our projects under construction.  This is a pier house built out over the ocean at Jeanette’s Pier.  We are working on the job through BMH Architects for the NC Aquariums.  It is being built by Clancy & Theys who is doing a fantastic job.

Check out this link

I have to say…it is amazing!  Here is a picture of the banquet hall.  This is just half of the space – it is quite grand! – looking away from the ocean.  Imagine…being in this room when complete… looking out over the ocean!  This facility houses a pier store, exhibit and education facilities and a large banquet hall.  It is a LEED project that includes wind turbine, geothermal and water reuse technologies as well as environmentally friendly interior finishes.


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