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Message in a Bottle

October 5, 2009

Did you know that….

-Wilmington’s wine history dates back to 1870 with Castle Hayne Vineyard Company?
-Sol. Bear Winery had the biggest wine cellar in the South in 1902 producing 200,000 gallons of wine annually by 1904?
– New Hanover County was one of the first places you could purchase alcohol after the end of Prohibition in the State.

WIne Invite

Big Sky is helping The Cape Fear Museum with a major fundraiser coming up November 7th. Perfectly paired appetizers will be served to highlight holiday favorites along with recipes to make your upcoming party planning a breeze.  

Sampled wines will be available for order the night of the tasting only- you have to be there to get these great deals!  There will also be exciting raffles for winery tours, gift baskets, and a 50/50 raffle.  Proceeds from the event will benefit the Cape Fear Museum so they can continue to educate the public about the importance of preserving our region’s history.

Tickets are available at the museum or by calling the museum at 798-4364 or online, $55 for members, $65 for nonmembers.  Please rsvp by October 20th to enjoy this fabulous event!

Big Sky Design has been working hard with the museum planning Message in a Bottle. We have helped the museum previously with their 2006 and 2007 Galas but are really excited about this one. Come and join us for a tasting of “historic” proportions!!

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BIG news!

September 11, 2009

Thanks to Wilma for such great coverage of our business and Leslie’s award!

We are so appreciative of the coverage of Big Sky.  We have enjoyed working on many kinds of projects in Wilmington over the years and getting to know our clients.  This project was one that we are particularly fond of because of the experience we had with our clients.  We would like to thank them as well for allowing us to have the fun “photo shoot” for this article in their home.

Here are a few more images of other great materials we used in their home that were not pictured in the article!






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…We’re On!

August 31, 2009

Introducing the Big Sky Think Big Blog!  

We are so anxious to share with you what we love to do, interior design, our BIG ideas and resources.  But first let me tell you who we are.  I believe it is true that a great business starts with great people so let me make the introductions.  I would say we are a pretty down to earth group of professionals that share a passion for helping people dream about the places they live and work.  We practice both residential and commercial interior design for that reason (and so that we can get our hands on all kinds of interesting materials!).

As founder of the company, I started Big Sky Design in 1997 so that I could practice interior design full- time and follow my dream of enhancing public spaces.  Having a studio art background, I was interested in rendering interior spaces towards a chosen aesthetic, believing that you did not have to visit a gray box when you went to see the doctor.  We are straightforward and visual communicators, good listeners and advocate following a concept driven design process.  We base our design concepts on client input and are open to how design evolves during the course of every project.  We have fun while we work (though we could use some new office music ideas…) and offer creative solutions with the many wonderful materials that are available to the trade.  I feel especially lucky to have a job that provides such a creative outlet and a meaningful career hoping that the interior spaces that Big Sky Design is a part of will have a positive effect on people’s day-to-day experiences.  

I was so lucky to convince my good friend Leslie Stachowicz to join me at Big Sky just a few years after it began.  It has been a pleasure to work with a friend all this time and someone who is equally committed to strong design practices.  Leslie is a very articulate and thoughtful designer.  She has a talented eye for pulling together the elements that make each project unique and beautiful.  She has a fetish (yes I am going to tell all!) for exquisite fabrics, contemporary furniture, fashion and pointed shoes.  She constantly monitors the quality of elements within Big Sky’s designs as well as the final installation of these items.  She has been known to ask for “perfection” and have things redone when needed so that the client gets the best quality in the end.  And why not? 

Susan Forshaw joined the firm five years ago and has become an integral part of our design team.   Susan helps Leslie and me get each job done.  Within each project, there are brainstorming sessions for ideas, selection of materials, presentation of materials, revisions of materials, documentation of materials, selection of furnishings, spreadsheets evaluating cost of materials and furnishings, ordering of all of these items, phone calls to check on items, coordination of installation of these items etc!  The open studio nature of our office requires that all of these things are accomplished by a team effort.  Susan’s love of Excel has helped solve logistics of keeping track of these things (thankfully!)  and has helped us all to become more efficient.  Susan is also a great event planner, a creative cook and is an Adobe Illustrator wizard.

Our bookkeeper, Julie Hardison has also been with Big Sky for five years.  She  not only helps us keep our books straight and taxes paid but also keeps us tuned into Wilmington.  Her involvement with her family and activities typically furthers the discussion of job opportunities in town and often leads to hilarious stories.

Before the recession we also had another great design assistant who we hope might return when the economy improves.  Our office has been a solid staff of five and runs well with the great team we have had in place.  I hope you can tell that we enjoy working together and that we love what we do.  We are looking forward to sharing more with you soon!  

Thank you,

Jennifer K. France

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